First.... we walk your property together and take pictures of the area or areas that need work. Then, we find a place to sit down and continue talking about what you have in mind and any specific needs you may have for the space or spaces in question. Then.... after we both feel like we are on the same page regarding the basics, we sit down and go through pictures of plants that would do well in all the different areas. Some people already have a style in mind.... but for those who don't, the catalog also includes pictures of different landscape styles, from around the metroplex, as to better ensure we are on the same page. A list is then compiled of all the plants and trees that you like and would love to see in your new landscape. From there, we can give you a very rough sketch of some ideas, incorporating the plants from the list.... OR you can hire us to do a professional design, set to scale and color. Please contact us today. We are waiting on your call. 











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